rmu id card office

photo upload

online photo submission is quick and easy. submit your photo to us in advance and allow us to prepare your rmu id for you!

add funds

parents/guests can buy commuter plans, and load extra funds on student's cards. in addition to adding funds, users can view their account balance and spending history.


your rmu id card gives you access to a wide range of university facilities and services. find out what is available to you with your rmu id card. 

rmu id card office

the rmu id card is the official robert morris university photo identification card. all members of the university community - students, faculty and staff - are required to have one. your rmu id card gives you access into your residence hall. it's used to purchase meals and borrow books at the library. your rmu id card number is also used to for password retrieval through the sentry website. the card gives access to the fitness centers; it is how to get into campus events and more.

the rmu id card office is open by appointment. 

please visit //idcardoffice.youcanbook.me to arrange a time to come in.

also feel free to email or call if you have any questions 

  • idcardoffice@rmu.edu
  • 307 nicholson building
  • 6001 university boulevard
  • moon township, pa 15108    
  • 412-397-5496 

lost your card?

if you have lost your card go to rmu.edu/eaccounts immediately and freeze your account. you will be able to return to rmu.edu/eaccounts  to reactivate your card if and when you find it.

if you are unable to locate your card you can make an appointment to pick up a replacement card here: //idcardoffice.youcanbook.me  there is a $20 fee for a replacement card.

distance learning students

distance learning student? you can also get your rmu id card.

first you will need to upload your photo. 

email us at idcardoffice@rmu.edu to request access. you will receive an email to your rmu inbox with an invitation to photo upload. see here for instructions.

once you receive confirmation that your photo was accepted you can receive your card one of two ways:

as always, if you have any questions feel free to call us at 412-397-5496 or contact us by email at idcardoffice@rmu.edu.


all rmu id cards are the property of robert morris university and are not transferable.  the card is governed by the policies and procedures of the university.  robert morris university is not responsible for any expenses resulting from the loss, theft or misuse of the rmu id card. 

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